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Kansas City Gifts: Made with Love of Community and the Spirits of the City

Bootleg Bourbon Ball Sampler

Giving the perfect gift is gratifying. So, what are the qualities of the most amazing gifts? Are they unique? Handmade? Extraordinary quality? Do they have a great story? We say yes. To all of the above. Our home is Kansas City, Missouri, and it is at the heart of our very giftable spirited chocolates.

The Kansas City Connection

Our founder, Lisa was raised in an entrepreneurial family in rural Missouri and made Kansas City her home. She learned early the importance of supporting local business and the community. That is why she makes it a practice to support local vendors with her own business.

The essence of the city is in each of our spirited treats. While Kansas City offers the culture, cuisine, sports and activity of a large city, it has a small town feel. There is an opportunity for real connection and meaningful engagement. The same sentiment is a part of our chocolates. Lisa includes a handwritten note in each box that shows the lucky recipients how much thought went into gifting them something special. Who doesn’t love something handcrafted and personalized?

Kansas City has a bit of a boozy history, making it the perfect home for our notoriously naughty chocolates.  Missouri was nearly the last state to pass Prohibition laws, with initiatives to make alcohol illegal losing several times on the ballot. Once Prohibition did arrive in Kansas City, Tom Pendergast, a corrupt political boss, made sure there was not an interruption to Kansas City nightlife. Tom kept the hooch in the speakeasies through his bootlegging operation and large influence over the police and local government — not a single felony arrest related to the illegal sale and manufacture of liquor was made in Kansas City during Prohibition.

Kansas City Gifts

Today, Kansas City is experiencing a revival of distilleries that create some fine spirits. Lisa chooses liquor from several local distilleries (Holladay, J. Reiger, McCormick, Restless Spirits, Tom’s Town, Union Horse) to blend into her bourbon balls. She believes, “These local distilleries have a good breadth of products to choose from. When I taste their spirits I think about what’s talking to my palette. What are the hints of flavor? From there, I find inspiration for developing new recipes for my spirited creations.”  

True to the mission of creating Kansas City gifts that are personal, make a connection and have a story, she spends time talking to the owners of the distilleries. Contemplating their history and products, she can cook up the most complementary pairings of old fashioned treats with a new twist. Definitely unique!

Thoughtful Gifts

It’s the thought that counts, right? We believe in gifts that go beyond the thought. We believe in gifts with thought. Our bourbon balls are intentionally thoughtful — from planning the recipes to the delightful experience of opening a box of Bootleg Bourbon Balls. Next time you plan to buy a gift, think about how you want the recipient to feel. It is easy to scoop up something mass-produced, but what is the sentiment behind that? Give them unique and handmade with extraordinary quality. Give them something spirited with a rich history and a story. We don’t think you can go wrong with a Kansas City gift of notoriously naughty chocolates.