HEAT ALERT! We want your chocolates to melt in your mouth and not in the box!!! Please remember to choose Overnight Express, when shipping outside of Missouri to states where temperatures are greater than 70 degrees.

About The Bootlegger

At Bootleg Bourbon Balls, we’re getting back on the wagon of the bourbon renaissance and blending everyone’s favorite, Chocolate & America’s #1 Native Spirit, Bourbon, and bringing into light, the infamous bourbon ball!  These famously, naughty holiday treats were made by Grandmas everywhere. The fact that they were forbidden to me as a child only made me more determined to hunt them down and indulge.  Well, I’m a big girl now, and I still get a smile on my face every time I eat one.

Not familiar with these high-proof, spirit-filled confections?  They were nearly forgotten.  Now they’re back, still naughty – and so nice!  Bootleg Bourbon Balls, are hand-crafted in small batches using a variety of Kansas City’s own craft spirits, Missouri pecans and fine chocolates from Belgium and France. The Bootleggers only wish they’d thought of concealing booze so deliciously.

They aren’t your Grandma’s bourbon balls – and this ain’t your Grandpa’s bourbon!  Invoking the “spirit” of our ancestors, I’m delighted to share my twist on these traditional treats with you.  Whether these bring back fond memories or create brand new ones, they’ll leave you with a mischievous smile.


Lisa Fitch, Founder of Bootleg Bourbon Balls