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What are Bootleg Bourbon Balls?

These high-proof, spirit-filled confections are hand-crafted in small batches using a variety of Kansas City’s own craft spirits, as well as regional distilleries of Missouri.  We use locally sourced pecans and fine chocolates from Belgium and France. The Bootleggers only wish they’d thought of concealing booze so deliciously.


What’s the Kansas City Connection?

Kansas City has a bit of a boozy history, making it the perfect home for our notoriously naughty chocolates.  Missouri was nearly the last state to pass Prohibition laws, with initiatives to make alcohol illegal losing several times on the ballot. Once Prohibition did arrive in Kansas City, Tom Pendergast, a corrupt political boss, made sure there was not an interruption to Kansas City nightlife. Tom kept the hooch in the speakeasies through his bootlegging operation and large influence over the police and local government — not a single felony arrest related to the illegal sale and manufacture of liquor was made in Kansas City during Prohibition.

Today, Kansas City is experiencing a revival of distilleries that create some fine spirits. Lisa chooses liquor from several local distilleries (Holladay/McCormick, Restless Spirits, Tom’s Town, Union Horse, Copper Run and Lifted Spirits) to blend into her bourbon balls. Click here to learn more about our spirited partners. 

Lisa Fitch Owner

How did Bootleg Bourbon Balls get started?

Our founder, Lisa Fitch, was raised in an entrepreneurial family in rural Missouri and made Kansas City her home. She learned early the importance of supporting local business and the community. That is why she makes it a practice to support local vendors with her own business. Lisa spends time talking to the owners of the distilleries. Contemplating their history and products, she can cook up the most complementary pairings of old fashioned treats with a new twist. Definitely unique!